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Coog’s Tips for Cooking Delicious and Tasty Fried Chicken

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Because oil contains no moisture, Pan-Frying, Oven-Frying, and Deep-Frying are all

technically Dry-Heat cooking methods. Oil protects food from drying out, especially

in Deep-Frying, where submerging food in oil traps in moisture, steaming the food

inside while browning the surface.


You can produce excellent Fried Chicken in a variety of ways, including frying it in

the oven. Fried Chicken is defined by the cooking process as by the result, which

should be Juicy, Succulent Chicken covered in a Crispy Crust that is not at all greasy.


Nothing is more important in frying than proper temperatures. For judging the

temperature of the hot oil, use a Deep-Fry Thermometer. If you do not have a

thermometer then sprinkle a pinch full of coating mix into the hot oil and watch how

it sizzles.


If it turns brown immediately then the heat is too high, if it tends to settle or disperse

into the oil, the oil is not hot enough. The small pinch of coating should sizzle

smoothly; it will do the same when the chicken pieces are added.


Do not wait for the oil to smoke before adding the Raw Chicken Pieces. This is hard

on the oil, since smoke indicates that the oil is breaking down, and the coating that

forms on the Chicken is likely to be over browned on the surface before the inside is

cooked through.


Always use Fresh Oil each time you Fry!


A common mistake that people have when Skillet Frying Chicken is, cooking the

Chicken too fast, causing the Chicken to burn, or become brown on the outside and

raw on the inside. The key is to be patient and establish a moderate to medium high



There are approximately three major factors when frying chicken in a



Every stove cooks different, the medium high at your home may cook lower or

higher then at Grandma’s and vice versa. So take the heating element into

consideration whether its gas, electric, or just a different range.


Every skillet cooks different believe it or not. Every skillet depending on type

and size holds heat differently and will reflect in the outcome of your frying and the

temperature that you are frying.


Example: A Cast Iron Skillet is a lot more dense then most skillets and disperses

heat evenly. Because of its composition it burns hotter and faster, you can turn the

heat down a little with a cast iron skillet.


The third factor is time. Time depends on variables that are relative to the

amount of chicken pieces and the size of the chicken pieces that you are cooking.

Most larger pieces the Breast, Thigh, and Legs take a minimum of 20-25 min in a

skillet on a moderate medium hi-heat. In a deep-fryer 15-20 min.


Wings usually take 10-15 min and drumettes will take 10–12 min.


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